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Saga of the Outer Islands

Book I: Ghosts of the Sea Moon


In the Outer Islands, gods and magic rule the ocean.

Set Sail with Ghosts, Gods, and Sea Monsters.

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Book Two: Souls of the Dark Sea

Book Three: Renegades of the Lost Sea

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Hell’s Empire


51dgaq-mp2l._sy346_A unique anthology of two thrones at war as the forces of Hell assault an unsuspecting Victorian Britain.

The cry went out to theologians and engineers, to artificers and antiquarians, to every name which could be named. By telegraph where lines were still intact, and by volunteer riders where they were not; smuggled along the coast in fishing smacks, semaphored from hill-tops.

It came without royal sanction, issued jointly by the Lords of the Admiralty and Marquess Lansdowne, the new Secretary of State for War:  “In God’s name, help us. We are losing.”

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Abandon: 13 Tales of Impulse, Betrayal, Surrender, & Withdrawal

Abandon_FrontCover_FinalTo act with abandon, in any sense of the word, is human. Whether it’s the sudden, strong urge to do something, either good or bad, or the act of betraying someone you love, we make choices that forever change our lives. Do you give into something or someone completely, or withdraw wholly into yourself? These thirteen stories run the gamut of emotions and express horror as you’ve never imagined it.

Abandon hope, all who enter here…

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Places of Poetry


With words and emotions, footsteps echo down the road…

Come travel on a poetic journey, to cities and the heartland, across the sea and to the stars. Find wonders in the shadows and strange things to haunt your dreams. Stare at the moon or wander through memories.
Roam the streets of Paris and London, the canals of Venice, travel to mountaintop villages, otherworldly realms, or the dark corners of the heart.
Come laugh, come reminisce, come reflect.
Find your place in poetry.

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Killers and Demons Series



Killers and Demons

Craving a little blood or perhaps some horrific death?

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Killers and Demons II: They Return 

Come one, come all, to a festival of murder and mayhem.
We have killers, demons, witches and more, with bloody exploits galore.
Evil is back, with a greater appetite for death.

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Christmas Lites VII

Christmas Lites VII


Tis the season to be generous. Christmas Lites is back with their 7th edition. Enjoy a holiday journey that will chill your bones, warm your soul, and tickle your funny bone. Allison Brennan joined us this year with a wonderful introduction. Read on to discover all the magic the holidays can hold!

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You can find my first book of poetry here:

Tears of Poetry




Horror Haiku Pas de Deux

HH2 CoverTitle


In the shadows—voices.

Calling, screaming, moaning.

Countless tongues telling tales…

of Hell

of Monsters

and Unnatural Things

Come chase the dark words, fall into the spell of terror and sit with the poetic weaver as you watch the world burn. Horror Haiku Pas de Deux is a volume of poetry mixing horror with haiku and verse to chill your bones.

Poetic beauty lives forever with the undead.

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You can also find me on BookBub



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