National Poetry Month: Star Struck

  Star Struck   Stare into the galactic night, yawning canopy of pinprick light Reach up, reach up... embrace conflagration soar your imagination system-wide nullification of planetary gravitation a temporary aberration, when you can touch the stars © A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved


National Poetry Month: Soul’s Revelry

Soul’s Revelry Past the knoll, music soothes a yearning soul Bring your mirth, and wine to sup Raise your cup and fill your bowl Glimpse the Fae, come to dance the gloaming grey Join the step, be swept along Heed the song, do come and play Dawn will toll, remember not, time they stole Their... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: What It Takes

What It Takes Will the day break cold? Shattering all regretful aches? Will the world turn old? Will I remain steadfast bold? Do whatever consequence takes? Will the day break cold? Will I dance in sunshine gold? Or drown in all the bitter stakes? Will the world turn old? What am I fated to behold?... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Passengers

Passengers   Steel-encased community ready for an airplane odyssey soaring from gravity, yet... only another mundane odyssey Noise and crowds, dour faces waiting for the next departure packed like sardines, embarking on their daily train odyssey Far from the Aegean, bobbing on the sea like a crumbling cork pleasure cruising, seeking existential solace on a... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Something Else

  Something Else Is it malaise? No, not that. Is it discontent? A little, perhaps. Is it disappointment? In part. I think... it is something else Something bigger A sensation A vibration Of the world turning Of the world burning I can’t shake it and I can’t fake it anymore. © A. F. Stewart 2017... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Lie until Broken

Lie until Broken Ignorance is bliss Ignorance is lie Lie is happiness Lie is illusion Illusion believed Illusion becomes truth Truth exists Truth fades Fades from sight Fades from telling Telling fibs Telling silence Silence is normal Silence is fear Fear lives Fear breathes Breathes inside Breathes change Change lanes Change perspective Perspective bends reality... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas Fresh untouched, virgin pale Awaiting tone and vibrancy hues, the awakening stroke to blossom into substance And pallid becomes sparkling prism, a contact waltz with inspiration transformation surges toward splendour © A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

National Poetry Month: The Stuff of Dreams

The Stuff of Dreams   Falcons that cannot fly painted black, like ravens Are they golden underneath their satin ebon sheen? Or a fool’s daydream wrapped in cellulose ribbon? Perhaps such treasures merely a hungry heart’s aspiration seeking a hollow victory   © A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved   Photo by Hank Risan... Continue Reading →

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