Saga of the Outer Islands


Book One: Ghosts of the Sea Moon

Book TwoSouls of the Dark Sea

Book ThreeRenegades of the Lost Sea


Map of the Outer Islands
(not to scale)



Map of the Realms of the Gods
(not to scale)

God Islands Web




Characters in Ghosts of the Sea Moon


The Crew of the Celestial Jewel

Captain Rafe Morrow
First Mate Elliot Blackthorne
Hugh Corwin
One-Eyed Anders
Short Davy
Quiet Peter
Pinky Jasper
Striker Angus


The Gods

Goddess of the Moon
Cylla, Keeper of the Gate in the Isle of Shadows
Lynna, Goddess of the Sea
Aryna, Goddess of the Wind
Reis, Sovereign of the Gods
Bevire, Goddess of Shadows and Night


Partial List of Sea Monsters

Blood Fin Titan
Scuttle Squids
Black Sea Wyrms
Wolf Eels
Deep Water Basilisk


SotOI Promo


Book One: Ghosts of the Sea Moon


Ghosts, Gods, and Sea Monsters.

Welcome to the world of the Seven Kingdoms and the Outer Islands.

A place of sailors and scalawags, of seaports and fishermen. And under the full moon, a land of darker things… great beasts that roam the oceans feasting on the souls of drowned sailors.

Enter Captain Rafe Morrow, master of the ship The Celestial Jewel, a vessel crewed by men and ghosts both. Their job is to ferry souls to the After World and save them from the fate of being eaten by monsters. Except the balance of power has shifted, and not in the favour of Captain Morrow.

Now he must sail to the Isle of Shadows and onward to the Archipelago of Nightfall to face his sister, Goddess of the Moon, for the very survival of the living and the dead.

While above it all, ancient malevolence flies on black wings…


Book Two: Souls of the Dark Sea

Something ancient and powerful stirs from the depths of the sea to challenge Captain Rafe Morrow for control of mortal souls. Can even the wisdom and magic of the Grey Sisters help him defeat this evil?


Book Three: Renegades of the Lost Sea

Old enemies surface once again, as undead pirates roam the seas led by the remnant of Black Axe Morgan and a dark entity reveals its true self. Can Captain Morrow defeat this scourge and fulfill his destiny, or will the Seven Kingdoms and the Outer Islands fall?


© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart



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