National Poetry Month: Lie until Broken

Lie until Broken Ignorance is bliss Ignorance is lie Lie is happiness Lie is illusion Illusion believed Illusion becomes truth Truth exists Truth fades Fades from sight Fades from telling Telling fibs Telling silence Silence is normal Silence is fear Fear lives Fear breathes Breathes inside Breathes change Change lanes Change perspective Perspective bends reality... Continue Reading →


#NationalPoetryMonth Day 12: One Shred Left

Day 12 and I bring you a Blitz poem...     One Shred Left   Nerves buzzing Nerves on edge Edge of losing it Edge of nothing Nothing calm Nothing soothing Soothing sounds Soothing, where are you? You are stressed You are screaming Screaming to be heard Screaming out loud Loud noise Loud voices Voices... Continue Reading →

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