#NationalPoetryMonth Day 11: Flash of Broken Brilliance

And we are now on day 11, with my annual Blitz poem. Enjoy the nonsense. Image by ipicgr from Pixabay   Flash of Broken Brilliance   Brilliant mind Brilliant flash Flash the cash Flash in the pan Pan for gold Pan the intellect Intellect churning Intellect waiting Waiting on Godot Waiting intermission Intermission buzz Intermission... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Lie until Broken

Lie until Broken Ignorance is bliss Ignorance is lie Lie is happiness Lie is illusion Illusion believed Illusion becomes truth Truth exists Truth fades Fades from sight Fades from telling Telling fibs Telling silence Silence is normal Silence is fear Fear lives Fear breathes Breathes inside Breathes change Change lanes Change perspective Perspective bends reality... Continue Reading →

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