A Poem for Remembrance Day

Row on Row Names etched in stone, permanent ghosts of war Their silenced voices wreathed in red poppies and dried tears The cold winds blow mourning across haunting footsteps Trace your fingers against names etched in stone The past is buried here, in blaring echoes and booming guns Fallen remnants and remains; permanent ghosts of... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Five Flights Up

Five Flights Up Climbing, you hear creaks in the staircase with a railing polished smooth from wear Ascending the same five flights everyday You wonder, stuck in this daily repetition, why your perfect world came crashing in Climbing, you hear creaks in the staircase Step by step, how life seems these days Hardship, drudgery, always... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Black Narcissus

Today begins my annual participation in National Poetry Month where I write a poem a day for the month of April.  So here's today's offering... Black Narcissus   Velvet and ebon petals hide all those evening tear stains in the shadows of the past   Such sweet graceful delicacy, above that wind-blown pain velvet and... Continue Reading →

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 4: Writing Inspirational

Day four of National Poetry Month, and today I bring you some inspiration.   Writing Inspirational   White walls of paper, abiding ink, flowing into pattern language creating virtuosity   Billows of blankness, searching for a scintillation of creation White walls of paper, abiding   Poising the pen in thought imagination scribbles into ink, flowing... Continue Reading →

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