#NationalPoetryMonth Day 15: As Petals Fall

And we come to Day 15... Image by suju from Pixabay   As Petals Fall   As petals fall in rain cerise velvet from the sky white-streaked and fragrant I stare into the orchard Tears reflecting the weather Remembering.       © A. F. Stewart 2019 All Rights Reserved    

National Poetry Month: Five Flights Up

Five Flights Up Climbing, you hear creaks in the staircase with a railing polished smooth from wear Ascending the same five flights everyday You wonder, stuck in this daily repetition, why your perfect world came crashing in Climbing, you hear creaks in the staircase Step by step, how life seems these days Hardship, drudgery, always... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Month: Delicate Strength

Delicate Strength Picking among the discarded through the forgotten bits the broken pieces of what was what will ever come again. A delicate task, fighting tears trying to stay strong, stoic and not collapse into puddles of grief and never-ending sorrow. © A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved  

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