National Poetry Month: Pretty Lil’ Horses


Pretty Lil’ Horses


Pretty horses

Running free

from one fence to the next

and in the barn come sunset

warm hay

fresh oats

same tomorrow


Pretty horses

Running wild

along the windswept shore and sea

those roaming nomads, rough and untamed

blowing breeze

salted grass

elemental survivors


Pretty horses

Running races

they’re off, flying down the track

with hearts pumping, ‘round the turn

finish line

wreathed roses

winning streak

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

#NationalPoetryMonth Day 6: Inside Out

Day 6 of National Poetry Month brings an oddball poem…



Inside Out


Inside backwards

and roundabout

Up, down, all around, churning, spilling

breaking the brain box, falling out

never restrained

floating free

never me


Outside revolution

twisting twice

Broken says normal, all for free

slanting salutations, and come with me

hello morning

planned insanity

awfully nice


Upside climb

leading down

Threading the maze, meeting the clown

crackle your laughter, red nose smile

telltale whisper

shiny eyes

big surprise

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved