Vampires of the British Empire



A Short History of the World of Humans and Vampires


The year 1337 began the Hundred Years’ War, the bloody and savage conflict between humans and the newly discovered species of vampires. The war raged over Europe, and spilled into Africa and Asia. Humanity enlisted the aid of witches, and the fighting was especially brutal, with casualties high on both sides.

Humanity prevailed, gaining the advantage over the vampires, conquering them with their own weaknesses and enslaving them for centuries. Vampires were put to work as menial labour and soldiers, and eventually used as slaves in the New World colonies. Humans focused their attention on the arts and sciences, making the invention of new technology and machines a priority.

Societal changes came about in the late 16th century when an anti-slavery movement for the vampires started, and by the end of the century the Russian, Japanese, and North African Empires granted vampires their freedom. Elsewhere the struggle for vampire equality continued, and in the early 17th century, the Mexican Empire, the Brazil Colony, Spanish South America, the South African Tribes, Persia, and The British Empire eradicated vampire enslavement.

Despite growing resentment and pressure over the next century, the European States, German Central Africa, the Icelandic Empire, Ethiopia, and the United States maintained their slaves, but the enduring crisis reached a head in North America during the War of 1812. As a strategic move, the British colonial government of Canada cast the anti-slavery spell and proclamation granting freedom to any and all American vampires. Thousands of vampires crossed the border to enlist in the British army and the American forces were systematically defeated. The eastern and southern colonies of the United States came under British rule again, and were made part of Canada. In the following decades Canada expanded its territories to cover the majority of North America. Only the Mexican territory and the autonomous regions of Texas, California and Oregon remained out of the British dominion. This shift in power in the New World ushered in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity in North America, and the British Empire expanded its influence in Africa and Asia as well to become the prevailing world power. Also during these years, the European States, and the remaining World Empires abolished vampire slavery.

But not everyone welcomed the vampire resurgence, wanted peace, nor wished the British to hold such dominance. Some supported anarchy and war, and were willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals…



Series Synopsis

Set in this alternate world, Vampires of the British Empire takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, home of the Duke of Kent, Viceroy of Canada. The main character is a vampire, Gideon, bodyguard to the Royal Engineer, Samuel Cunard. The in progress trilogy follows his adventures, and his secret obsession with finding a key to unlock a long buried part of his past.


Main Characters








Samuel Cunard



The Duke of Kent



Jeremiah Duncan





Books to be included in the WIP series

The Anarchist Intrigue

The Clockwork Conundrum

Kindred Memories


WIP Short Story

Clockwork Shadows




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